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Engaging with the Community

Every year, we organise fundraisers, public talks, and other events that help bring together like-minded people who care about hospice and the community. We also participate where we can in relevant events hosted by others, in support of the greater good. From time to time, we’ll issue an invite to participate, and we do hope you’ll join us – step up and come forward, or even sponsor a participant! The results are meaningful for our patients and their families, and you may find yourself reaping benefits and blessings you didn’t expect too!

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Every year, Kasih Hospice Foundation hosts many public speaking events to bring education to all interested parties. Over the past few years, we have invited medical specialists, palliative care experts, and other related experts in our field in order to expand on our knowledge and understanding of what is required to overcome the situation.

We will be continuing our public speaking events with many more interesting and relevant topics in the near future.


Volunteer Training Courses

Our Hospice Volunteer Training Courses are conducted by palliative care specialists and senior volunteers. The two weekends of consecutive training (conducted in English) are generally conducted twice a year.

Objectives include:

  • To introduce the principles of palliative care and share ways to cultivate positive approaches to change, loss and death.
  • To teach practical nursing and communication skills as well as ways to transform one’s kindness and compassion into skilful actions.

Trainings are aimed at general public, and any family member who is facing this life-challenge or expects to in the foreseeable future may  apply.

Caregivers' Workshop

This holistic and practical-based workshop is designed for caregivers to overcome  situations involving a sick or aged person living at home, enabling them to provide the medical, emotional, and spiritual companionship required.

This one-day workshop, generally arranged twice a year, is suitable and beneficial to anyone and any family who is facing this life-challenge or expects to in the foreseeable future.