Kasih Hospice Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

... On GETTING help

If the patient falls within our coverage criteria, then you can download our REFERRAL FORM for their doctor to fill out. Send it back to us via our patient referral email. If the case is accepted, then a member of our Medical Team will contact you within 2-3 days. After a preliminary phone interview / discussion with the patient and/or caregiver, they will formulate a palliative healthcare plan and work in partnership with you to nurture and improve quality of life.

Please note that:

  • we do not provide daily nursing care, or daily caregiving services. Our Medical Team works with the caregiver to teach them how to care for the patient.
  • our small Medical Team takes care of 800 -1,000 patients a year, and are therefore unable to visit every patient often
  • as part of precautions against coronavirus, we are not always able to visit every patient except for stringent/urgent needs.

As a general guide, depending on their assessment of the patient’s current situation, the Medical Team may:

  • consult with the patient/family via a visit or phone review
  • prescribe medication
  • conduct selected procedures in the patient’s home, so that the patient does not have to go to hospital
  • liaise with the office to arrange loans of equipment to improve the patient’s quality of life
  • teach the main caregiver ways to care for the patient (including usage of equipment, etc)

Please note that this is a general guide, and not a comprehensive list. Every palliative healthcare plan is unique to the patient and current circumstances.

The services of our Medical Team and all our equipment loans are provided completely FREE OF CHARGE. Please note that:

  • We know there are people out there who could really use our hospice home care service, but don’t know about it. Please help us spread the word!

We rely heavily on donations, volunteers, and support from the public. Please donate to us, and help us spread the word!

You can check the Our Patients section to see if the patient’s details meet our criteria and fall within our coverage area. If we are unable to cover the case, you may find the help you need in the following QnA.

Our information on Patient Coverage can be found here.

If the patient does not fall within our coverage, you can try checking with other free community hospices in Klang Valley and nationwide, under the Malaysian Hospice Council.

Other resources:

  • ASSISS (Assunta Integrated Social Services, providing palliative care and other services based on social need).
  • Hospis Malaysia
  • Tzu Chi Foundation (not a medical organisation, but provides equipment loans and other forms of aid, regardless of background or creed).

All our equipment transactions are handled on a “free loan” basis, and there is no rental fee for usage.

While we have traditionally lent out some of our equipment to the general public, we are streamlining our focus to strengthen our delivery of our core activity, i.e. home hospice & palliative care. Thus, from January 2021, our equipment is only available for loans to our registered patients. In addition, it may be useful to know that:

  • most items are generally available for purchase from pharmacies or via rental from private vendors
  • there are several organisations which may be able to support with free / subsidised resources and assistance. Check out the previous QnA for hospice services, and the following QnA for additional resources.

There are several organisations which provide support for certain areas of focus, sometimes with free / subsidised resources and assistance. Depending on your particular situation, the following (not comprehensive) list may be useful to you:

We provide hospice/palliative care services mainly in the patient’s home. We do not have an inpatient ward or outpatient treatment unit on our premises. Our hardworking Medical Team travels out to visit more than 800 patients a year in their homes, or otherwise check in with them via phone reviews. Our centre serves as an office and equipment warehouse.

Residency facilities can be obtained from private nursing homes or through JKM (Department of Social Welfare).

... On GIVING help

Thank you so much for your kindness!

We are very reliant on donations, and are able to receive online transfers through Jompay or direct to our bank account, cheques, or cash. Currently, we advise payments via online transfer or post, for everyone’s safety and peace of mind. Please visit our Donations page for more details.

Thank you again!

We will gratefully accept help with the time, energy, and skills you are willing to contribute! What can you make or do? We continue to survive on contributors who:

  • cook, sew, or craft goods in their homes for people to buy for charity, and then either join one of our community events to do so, or can even organise their own “charity drive” for this purpose, as we are operating on a very lean team. (More details on our Donations page.)
  • are handy with a screwdriver or hammer, and can help us with maintenance and repairs.
  • are good in writing (doesn’t have to be in English!), IT, visuals/graphics, translation/interpreting, event organisation, and more! (More details on our Volunteer page.)
  • have the time, patience, and accuracy for data entry on-site.
  • know people who know people who can help/buy/donate, and then get their support for our fundraising campaigns.

If what you do isn’t listed here, please write us an email to say hello and ask!

Our patient needs are quite specific, and our resources to receive donations very limited. If you are willing and able to meet these, we are grateful. Please note that donations in kind includes arranging delivery to our premises, and please CONTACT THE OFFICE by phone or email beforehand, to ensure a smooth and fruitful experience for all.

We accept donations of:

  • medical items which are in full working condition and fit for use, including oxygen concentrators and three-crank and electric beds.
  • certain types of non-expired medicines and medical food supplements
  • cleaning and hygiene supplies (diapers, liners, etc).