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Do you have a passion for helping others and giving your time to people who are in need?

If so, Kasih Hospice could be for you!

At Kasih Hospice, we are always looking for enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to provide a fulfilling and worthwhile service for people who require palliative care.

We have tasks for every kind of volunteer regardless of skillset or experience.

Upon joining Kasih hospice, training will be provided in order to give you an understanding of your role and to facilitate the best results for our patients as well as help integrate you into our team.

The benefits of joining us are as follows:

What do Volunteers Do?

Hospice Day Care at Selayang Hospital

Volunteers offer assistance by being a friend, allowing patients to express their feelings and concerns; as well as providing assistance in self-care, such as massages, haircuts, etc.

Psychosocial Support

Volunteers provide active listening and psychosocial support to the palliative care and oncology wards in hospitals as well as Kasih patients' family members.


Volunteers will assist in handling incoming enquiries and other day-to-day operations in the office. Occasionally, they will be asked if they can assist in our events, such as fundraising or educational events.

Marketing & Campaigns

Volunteers helps to promote Kasih Hospice by assisting in our marketing requirements and developing/executing our advertising campaigns.

Project Management

Our operations run on donations. We need your passion and skills to help (be it in conceptualising, executing, or supporting) with our fundraising projects. It doesn't matter whether you are willing to run a bake day, or conduct a workshop about your digital marketing knowledge -- any skill that you voluntarily share with others can result in a fundraising idea!


Your skills and experiences are needed by us. You may have IT skills, writing experience, passion in photography, be good in languages and translating, love gardening, and many more unique qualities... as long as you passionate about helping others, you are welcome to join us!

I want to be a

Let us know your passion and skills!

Write to us, or call (6) 03-7865 6522.